Family History

벽진이가의 시조는 이총언이다

The projenitor of Byuk-jin Lee family is Chong-eon Lee (李悤言, 858년 ~ 938년

경북 성주군 벽진면에 종친회가 있다

There is clan gathering on the Byukjin-myun of Seongju-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

강화도 충렬사에는 병자호란 후 충숙공 위패가 모셔져 있다

After the Manchu war of 1737, ancestral tablet commemorating Chung-suk gong (Chung-suk gong-public confidence )  in the Chungnyeolsa (Chungnyeol Shrine) of Ganghwa-do.

서울시 노원구 하계동에 충숙공원이 있다

Chung-suk gong (Chung-suk gong (Public confidence)) Park is located in Hagye-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul

충숙공 이상길 영정 - 나는 직계 후손이다

Chung-suk gong (Public confidence) Sang-gil Lee, the picture of the deceased - I am a direct descendant.

근세 화서 이항로는 벽진이가 종친이다

Hwa-seo (Hang-ro Lee) is Byeok-jin Lee (my father)'s clan 

화서학파는 한말 일제와 비타협적으로 맞서며 위정척사운동과 항일의병운동을 주도했다. 일제강점기에는 만주지역 항일독립운동, 상해임시정부, 광복군을 이끌었다. 화서학파에서 독립유공 서훈 받은 이가 233명이고, 103명은 순국 순절했다.

 역사학자 박은식은 이렇게 단언했다. “의병 정신은 반만년 역사에서 저절로 우러나온 민족정신이요, 선생은 그것을 깨달아 전달한 선각자였다.” 

Hwa-seo school was uncompromising against Japanese imperialism at the end of Chosun and led the movement of guardianship of righteousness - the expulsion of wickedness and the anti-Japanese army raised in the cause of justice.

During the Japanese colonial period, his teaching led the anti-Japanese independence movement, Shanghai Korean temporary government, and Gwangbok (Independence) army in Manchuria.

면암 최익현은 화서의 제자(고제)이다

Myeon-am (Ik-hyun Choi) is a disciple of Hwaseo.

면암은 순국 전 조우식에게 시를 보낸다 

(風頭能不迷 處逆如順境 所養那可誣 常目揭字省)

Myeon-am sent poetry to Woo-sik Cho (Sung-am) before death for the country against the Japanese imperialists.

Even in the face of adversity, you are the same as usual

The heart was always in the holy heart

면암의 고제 성암 조우식은 모친의 조부이다

Seong-am (Woo-sik Cho) is my mother's grandfather. He is a disciple of Myeon-am.

조선말기의 의병 조우식은 14권 5책의 시문집인 성암집(省菴集)을 남겼다. 그의 시에는 항일의사들이었던 조병세, 조만식, 민영환, 안중근, 임병찬, 이준 등을 기리는 위국충정이 주를 이루고 있다. 

손녀이신 모친은 전북 남원군 덕과면 사율리 벽진이씨 집성촌으로 시집오셨다

In the late Chosun Dynasty, Woo-sik  Cho (Sung-am) published  Myoen-am collections and Sung-am's collection (five collection of fourteen poetry books). In his poems, the patriarchal courtesy of Byung-se Cho, Man-sik Cho, Young-hwan Min, Joong-geun Ahn, Byung-chan Lim, and Joon Lee were mainly composed.

My mother, granddaughter, was married to my father, Byuk-jin Lee clan. (Sayul-ri, Deokgwa-myeon, Namwon-gun, Jeollabuk-do, Korea)

동아일보 1930.9.13 조우식은 면암집을 출판한다

The Dong-A Ilbo 1930.9.13, Woo-sik Cho published Myeonam Collections.

전남 곡성군 오지리 오강사를 세우고 면암집을 출간했다

He set up Ogangsa (Ogangsa Shrine) of Oji-ri, Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea and published Myeon collection.

성암집을 남기고 조우식은 순국한다.

He died for the country while fighting for independence of country from the Japanese Imperialism, leaving behind Seong-Am collection.

-건국훈장 애국장 추서/The Order of Merit for National Foundation

면암의 손자가 밝혔다/ It was commemorated by the grandchild of Myeon-am.

부친과 모친 Father and Mother

전북 남원군 덕과면 벽진 이가와 전남 곡성군 오지리 옥천 조가(옥천은 순창의 옛이름이다)는 상호 혼인할 수 있는 가문이었다. 

Byeok-jin Lee family (Sayul-ri, Deokgwa-myeon, Namwon-gun, Jeollabuk-do) and Okcheon-Cho (Okcheon, old name of Sunchang-gun, Jeonbuk)  family (Oji-ri, Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea) married as a noble family of similar level.

Throughout the four generations of the modern era, my father and mother's family are disciples of Hwa-seo school. The spirit of independence of Hwa-seo, Myeon-am and Seong-am has been taught to my families for generations. My descendants will continue to do their best until my country is the best country in culture, economy, defense and ethics.

晁鮮 (고어 해석): 해가 많이 비추며 물고기와 양(염소)이 있는 곳 

Joosun: It is a friend's name. My family names are the name given to me by my grandmother and the name given by my father. So at least the name is three.

晁 鮮 (archaic word): A lot of sunshine, fish and sheep (goat)